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Teradactyl's Synthetic Blend

Teradactyl has moved to a Larger Roost : 2450 Baylor Drive S.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106 United States of America

TiBS Support Center

Teradactyl offers annual software maintenance plans at a fixed percentage of software purchase price. All Teradactyl clients with an annual software maintenance plan get FREE software updates including version upgrades. We want you to stay with us and provide unprecedented support to earn and retain your business. Incremental scheduled and unscheduled support is also available on a pay as you go basis. Visit the TiBS Support Center...

Backup Definitions

Understanding the differences between cumulative incremental, differential, partial cumulative incremental, and True incremental backup volumes can be confusing. We bring you a knowledge center to define terms, view illustrations, and compare backup volumes. Knowledge of these key industry terms will provide you with better insight into what products and technology is right for your needs and organization. Backup Definitions...

Supported Operating & Distributed File Systems

TiBS is an enterprise centralized network backup system with an extensive supported platform list. AFS, Linux, L-Store, Lustre, MacOSX, NFS, Unix, Virtual Systems, Windows and more are available with no per seat charges and the most advanced synthetic backup consolidation available. TiBS supported Clients and non-proprietary choices of operating systems for the TiBS Backup Servers are available.

Teradactyl in beta testing of TiBS management servers for the consolidated control of distributed TiBS backup servers, appliances, & aggregation of storage sub-system resources!

Backup Solutions by Industry Sector

Teradactyl supports clients in commercial, education, and government sectors in the U.S. and now in Europe. Learn about solutions by sector, operating systems, and network file systems. See how we can provide enterprise network backup systems as sole source, prime contractor, or team with other firms as a subcontractor. Visit our Backup Solutions Center...

Enterprise Backup Products & Technology

See how large installations leverage our powerful synthetic backup consolidation technology while moving away from proprietary hardware and storage systems. Review three powerful synthetic consolidation product lines and learn in detail about what make our patented synthetic backup consolidation technology both more powerful and more flexible than anything you have tested before. Review data storage options and download papers to research the advantages of our patented technology. Visit our Backup Products Center...

Pricing by Function & Power - Not Per Seat!

Teradactyl gives you choices between synthetic backup consolidation capabilities with three powerful TiBS versions. Each version gives you the ability to add processing power as needed to control your backup windows as the number of systems and size of data grows. Storage is licensed per backup server regardless of capacity. 100% of software purchase price is applied to version upgrades! Review our Sensible Pricing model...

2014 News & Events

Teradactyl updates ADA standards to WCAG 2.0 Level AA

Teradactyl hires a new UX Designer and is conducting interviews with clients for a new GUI on the Pending TiBS management servers

TiBS Version 2764 Released. This version improves support for Windows 8 and 2012R2. It also contains a Signed application for better integration with newer OSX firewall's and includes updates for OSX Mavericks.

Teradactyl is conducting QC testing of new backup appliances at the High Performance Computing Center ACCRE

Final Release Testing of OSD for OpenAFS is underway with the Paul Sherrer Institut

Welcome to Teradactyl®

Teradactyl specializes in the development of enterprise network backup system software for high performance computing, research, scientific, and other environments that generate data sets with relatively little commonality. The True incremental Backup System consolidates new or changed data with information already in the backup system enabling perpetual True incremental Backup with fast single pass restores. Specialty file system solutions for platforms such as Lustre, L-Store, and OpenAFS compliment our backup capabilities for large filers, Linux, MacOSX, UNIX, Windows, and more. Delayed consolidations and size-based scheduling augment time based multiple level backup strategies to refine control over data granularity and storage requirements.

True incremental Backup System®

The True incremental Backup System (TiBS) only requires the transfer of new and changed data across your networks to centralized network backup servers. Data is consolidated in configurable fashions to create not only new synthetic full backup volumes but intermediate level backup volumes as well. TiBS removes most of the impact of backup operations from networks, servers, and clients while maintaining desirable restore times. Learn More About TiBS...

Backup of Highly Scalable File Systems

L-Store SUPPORT NOW AVAILABLE Teradactyl is pleased to announce the extension of backup support to the L-Store platform. True incremental Backup System client module includes capabilities for backup of L-Store extended attributes, restore of striped files, and threaded backup operations for faster backup of hundreds of millions of files L-Store Page

L-Store for Teradactyl Sales

TiBS Backup Support for Lustre

VMware® & Hyper-V visualized environments now supported by the True incremental Backup System.

Teradactyl provides support for a dynamic range of operating systems, network file systems, and highly distributed WAN file systems. Please Review Our Supported Platforms...